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Quality Control

Wuxi Wellful Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd. Quality Control

Quality is the factory life,we could not live without good quality


Base material workshop


Test Item Standards Test frequency Quantity Tools





1time every 30minutes


Tap measure
Thickness ±0.05mm Thickness gauge
Density As required Densimeter
Out appearance


No Impurity


Visual inspection


Cut process


Item Standards Test frequency Samples quantity Tool

Length ±0.5mm

Width ±0.2mm

Thickness ±0.15mm


Straight angel ≤0.10mm

Seam between floor≤0.15mm

1time/hour Floor on one steel template Vernier caliper
Out appearance Clean and flat,even and unifies gloss、no layers,no discolor,no rough edge,no edges connected、no scratch,no injured,no bubble,no water spot,no holes,no crease,etc. Visual inspect

1.Thorough inspect on out appearance

2.First inspection:if the results meet standard,we can go on next process.If size and cutting mold changed,firs inspection should be done,quantity is flooring on one steel template

3.”Cutting record”shows:average,biggest difference.



Quality inspection operator should take careful notes.If any false recording found or don’t operate as per regulation ,will punish the related stuff.If jobs finished well,will encourage the related stuff by rewarding.

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