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December 25, 2020

Design Flexibility Can Meet Your Demands On Decoration

LVT offers the widest range of design options of all popular hard flooring types, thanks to its print film layer.
This enables photo-realistic reproductions of wood and stone, as well as colorful abstract patterns.
Additionally, it’s possible to select LVT with a textured surface, so that as well as looking like stone or wood,
your floor tiles feel more like natural hard flooring too. Put simply, LVT is a great option for anyone looking
to recreate the aesthetic of natural stone or wood,without the high price point or complex installation and
maintenance requirements.
In contrast, other types of resilient flooring (like vinyl composite tile or linoleum), which can sometimes
match LVT in terms of durability, have much more limited design capabilities. These types of resilient
flooring have only a few design options, limited to solid blocks of color - perhaps with the option of colored
flecks throughout to add texture.
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