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January 8, 2021

How to maintain LVT floorng?

As we know,it is easy to maintain.
Many types of hard flooring have complex and labor intensive cleaning and maintenance requirements:
• Vinyl composite tiles don’t have a protective coating like the polyurethane on LVT, and so require regular
waxing and polishing to create awax layer to protect the tile surface against wear and tear.
• Natural wood flooring is prone to scratches and indentation from furniture or foot traffic - especially
high heeled shoes. As a result, it requires regular varnishing and re-finishing to protect the surface of
the wood from scuffs and scratches.
• Linoleum is more susceptible to water damage than other types of hard flooring, so it requires
re-sealing several times a year to maintain its water-resistant coating.
In contrast, LVT is much simpler to clean and maintain,thanks to its protective wear layer and polyurethane
coating, which protect the print layer from dirt and damage.
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