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March 17, 2021

Lower cost to select LVT flooring

When selecting new flooring, it’s important to consider all of the associated costs, for the lifetime
of your flooring. Cleaning, maintenance, repair and replacement costs are something your organization
will have to budget for, year after year - so you should factor these into your decision-making process.
Natural hard flooring is expensive. It requires specialist knowledge, materials and equipment to install, and
then has precise maintenance requirements to keep it looking its best. In contrast, LVT tends to have a lower
purchase price, as well as lower ongoing maintenance and repair costs. It may not carry the same prestige as
having real wood or stone flooring, but you can create a similar aesthetic for a fraction of the cost.
On the other hand, resilient flooring like vinyl compositetiles tend to have a lower purchase price. However,
thanks to their more complex and labor-intensive maintenance requirements, over the lifetime of your flooring,
LVT is likely to be better value for money.
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